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Welcome to the HIBC UDI-Builder

This tool will allow you to create, calculate, confirm, and collect UDIs. The HIBC UDI-Builder’s intuitive, easy-to-use design assists users in quickly creating globally-accepted UDIs for their products. The “My HIBC UDI” feature automatically saves UDIs for later retrieval, and users have the option to create single or multiple UDIs each time they log in. Labelers can also upload existing UDI information and create and link multiple production identifiers to a single device identifier.

Need a UDI? Begin by applying for a HIBC company prefix

HIBCC administers the HIBC standard and issues company prefixes, Labeler Identification Codes (LIC); an LIC identifies individual manufacturers and is included within each bar code that manufacturer creates.

If you need to create a bar code, first apply for an LIC assignment by submitting an application online or offline.

To learn more about HIBCC and UDI, visit www.hibcc.org or contact HIBCC directly at info@hibcc.org or +1 (602) 381-1091.